Wobbler Room

Our Wobbler room is designed to provide a warm, cosy and stimulating environment for children aged 12month – 24 months. It is suitably equipped with a variety of age appropriate toys designed for sensory stimulation, discovery and play.

We provide each child with endless opportunities to explore and develop in a safe and comfortable setting. Our daily routine in the Wobbler room is tailored around the individual needs of each child. Our programme incorporates large movement activities that develop children’s balance and gross motor skills, there’s all types of art, there’s water and messy play, dressing up, garden time, tumble tots, singing, dancing and early language activities. As a wobbler, your child takes their first steps and really begins to explore the world around them.

At Mother Hubbard’s we’re there every step of the way to support and nurture their natural curiosity. In addition, we keep a daily record that detail daily their mealtimes, sleeping pattern, nappy changes, specified medical administration and any other additional information so parents see what their child’s needs were each day. This ensures a meaningful dialogue between home and crèche which supports your child’s day to day development. As well as our plug in baby monitors, staff check and record in writing, their observations of the children, every ten minutes while they are sleeping.

The ratio for this age group is 1 adult to 5 children.