At Mother Hubbard’s, our Cooks provide delicious and nutritious freshly cooked meals that encourage your child to taste as many new things as possible and help introduce them to the wonderful world of food. All meals are freshly prepared daily on the premises in our professional kitchens and our menus have been carefully devised by our cooks.

We cater for vegetarian diets, gluten or wheat free, religious preferences and any other dietary or specific allergy requirements your child may have. All our dishes have a low salt and low sugar content. We use only fresh meat and vegetables in all our dishes and we do not add any salt, artificial flavourings or colouring to the food. We use a very reputable wholesale butchers, fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh milk are delivered weekly.

At Mother Hubbard’s Childcare, it’s not simply about feeding the children – it’s about ensuring that every child is nourished, satisfied and healthy. Our chefs are committed to ensuring that every child enjoys fresh, in-season and nutritionally balanced food.

On special occasions such as graduations, cake sales, breakfast mornings and the like, our in-house baker Louise, is always on hand to make delicious, home baked treats for our children and parents.
All our cooks are trained and operate in kitchens approved by the HSE and are fully compliant with the H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) food management system.

Our menus are compliant with the new legislation requiring that specific allergens such as peanuts, gluten, shellfish and dairy products, are clearly detailed.

Our qualified staff ensure that all snacks and mealtimes are fully supervised to provide a safe, positive and cheerful environment where your child can enjoy their food in an unhurried fashion.
We also understand the importance of knowing what your child eats throughout the day. We will let you know each day exactly what your child is eating on our detailed report sheet.

Our service includes wobbler & toddler rooms as well we pre-school and ECCE classes. We also run summer camps and breakfast/afterschool services. Read more about our service here..