Toddler Room

Our Toddler room caters for children ages 2 -3 years. Your child is quickly gaining a new confidence in themselves and developing a deeper understanding of the world around them.
At this stage your child is ready for a little more structure and lots of new and exciting challenges.

Our Toddler room provides a happy and caring environment, which encourages children to discovers their own independence and expand their social and emotional development skills as they explore their environment. At this stage of development children are introduced to feeding themselves. Our curriculum allows the children to learn through play while experimenting with sand, water, playdough, gardening, the use of colours, numbers, sounds and various arts and crafts. We pay especially close attention to the development of speech and language and encourage the development of your child’s speech and language through a range of fun and social activities such as songs, role play and storytelling.

The rooms are designed in such a way as to meet the developing needs of each individual child. The children are guided through a range of educational and play activities at their own pace. Our childcare workers create a positive and secure environment where children feel confident in exploring their surroundings.

For rest periods, an individual bed and linen is provided for each child. Soothing music is played and a carer is on hand to monitor and record your little one while they get all the rest they need.
We also keep a daily record for each child to detail their mealtimes, sleeping pattern, nappy changes/toilet run and any other additional information so parents see what their child’s needs were each day. We operate a 6:1 ratio for this age group but always ensure that there is an extra pair of hands available to support throughout the day!