Our Care

In Mother Hubbard’s our aim is to help each child to learn and develop as an individual, providing a stimulating, broad and happy environment to do so. With that in mind our goal is to allow the children to be

  • Happy and confident
  • Have a sense of security
  • Be independent and interdependent
  • Share and care with others
  • Provided with experiences to explore and question
  • Respectful of themselves and others

Mother Hubbard’s Childcare is committed to the best interests of all children in our centres, promoting and respecting their rights in all of our work.

Our child-initiated and adult led ethos means that we focus on each child’s individual interests and needs and support them as they investigate the world in their special way.

At Mother Hubbard’s Childcare, children are encouraged to explore and investigate their environment and to choose their own activities, in a supervised setting with respectful boundaries. Through a mix of child led, guided and adult led activity, they will benefit from a comprehensive and well thought curriculum that provides many opportunities for interaction and learning. Our team of carers are always ensuring that children’s emerging interests are respected and represented in the weekly and monthly curriculum. We know that interest will always be the best teacher, so we facilitate self-directed learning, while using the curriculum as a guide. Children learn so much more through active participation and most importantly, they gain so much more enjoyment from learning in this way.


At Mother Hubbard’s we are advocates of learning through play. Free-play throughout a child’s day is of most importance as it is essential for developing skills such as imagination and for enabling a child to follow their own natural learning instincts. We provide open ended materials in our rooms, and children are encouraged to use these in any way that they wish. By providing the resources and interesting opportunities for free play, we create a positive learning environment that gives children the space to explore and express themselves. Our curriculum is forever evolving in line with international and national best practice.

The Aistear Curriculum

Aistear “the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework celebrates early childhood as a time of being, and of enjoying and learning from experiences as they unfold.”

At Mother Hubbard’s we adhere to the principles of Aistear and these underpin all of our early learning goals. Aistear is based on four key areas of development – well-being, communication, identity and belonging and exploring and thinking – and all learning activities and curriculum planning are based around these. It provides information for our edu-carers to help them plan for and provide enjoyable and challenging learning experiences, so that all children can grow and develop as competent and confident learners within loving relationships with others.




Our service includes wobbler & toddler rooms as well as pre-school and ECCE classes. We also run summer camps and breakfast/afterschool services. Read more about our service here..