Preschool and ECCE Room

At Mother Hubbard’s we believe in a fun, play based approach to learning and development in the early years. Children from 2 years and 8 months can attend our preschool ECCE classes. Our excellent child-led curriculum is planned by our experienced teachers. This creates a well balanced plan that our children thrive on. The classrooms are designed in such a way as to meet the developing needs of each individual child. The children are guided through a range of educational materials at their own pace. The term is divided by themes based on the child’s emerging interests within the room and will include topics such as the community, identity and belonging, the seasons and life cycles.

Our carers are passionate about childcare and expert in supporting your child’s development within a playful and fun atmosphere. Every child’s journey is unique and a collage of your child’s work is gathered throughout the year to display all the fun, creativity and learning they have taken part in.

Pre-school children have an endless curiosity about the world. This is when your child really learns to learn. It’s a time of non-stop exploration and discovery, when your child absorbs everything around them.

We recognise that the preschool years of 3-5 are especially important and lay the foundations of your child’s early education. Life skills are an integral part of our curriculum programme and our learning environment fosters this development in many ways. As children get older, they will require core skills such as resilience, problem solving and teamwork and therefore they need the opportunity to develop and refine these skills. Our team of carers find lots of ways to promote this development, whether that’s by facilitating group projects or simply encouraging independence through everyday tasks. Our goal is not just to provide children with knowledge, but to give them the tools they need to succeed in life.