1Do you offer an induction for my child who is starting in your creche?

Yes, we offer an induction. This is a complimentary service and the process is spread out over three days to allow for an easier transition for both your child and yourself. Please speak with the manager to arrange your induction dates and times. Our supportive teams are great for advice so don’t hesitate to discuss with them any worries you might have with them.

2Are your staff qualified?

Our talented team of childcare professionals are Garda vetted and hold a minimum of FETAC level 5 and upwards to ensure we are fully compliant with regulations. We actively encourage our team to maintain the highest qualifications and they receive continuous training and mentoring whilst working with Mother Hubbard’s Childcare.

3What are the ratios of carers to children for each age group?

Wobblers 1:5
Toddlers 1:6
Pre-school 1:8
ECCE Sessions 1:11

4Is the food you serve on site of a high standard?

Yes. At Mother Hubbard’s, all meals are prepared fresh on our premises by qualified chefs and a copy of our menu is displayed for parents to view. We also ensure that all children’s dietary needs and requirements are met.

5What do I do if my child has an allergy?

Please inform a member of staff immediately if your child has an allergy. We will need to make sure we have an individual care plan done for each child that has an allergy and that every staff member is made aware.

6How are fees paid?

Fees are calculated per calendar month, are paid monthly in advance, and are payable by the first of the month. Fees can be paid via standing order or cheque.

7Is a deposit required?

Yes. We will require a deposit of one month’s fee in order to secure a child’s place. This will be refunded on receipt of 30 days’ notice of cancellation/leaving. In accordance with our policy, 60 days’ notice is required if the child has not started and does not require the place.

8Do you close for holidays?

We remain open during the Halloween, summer and Easter breaks. We close for public bank holidays, Good Friday and for a period over Christmas. The ECCE calendar differs slightly and generally coincides with the primary school calendar. A copy of the calendar is available for parents.

9My child’s birthday is coming up can I bring in a cake?

Yes, you may bring in a cake to celebrate birthdays but we require the cake to be shop bought and to be brought in still in its box. This is to eliminate any issues surrounding cross contamination and must be nut free.

10Can I hand out party invitations?

We feel that this can cause upset amongst the children and we would recommend that invitations should not be handed out in preschool not unless everyone has been included.

11Does my child need to wear suncream?

We would recommend that suncream is applied to every child every day before school. Children have very sensitive skin and we would advise that it is protected at all times from the sun. This is subject to the weather of course but in the warmer weather yes they must wear suncream and a sun hat. A bottle of sun cream must also be provided for the children who attend full time with us as it needs to be reapplied throughout the day.

12Can I get someone to collect my child that’s not listed on the enrolment form?

If you wish for someone different to collect your child we must be notified that there will be someone else doing the collection, we require their name and their number. We must also note that anyone who is under the age of sixteen is not permitted to collect your child.

13My child has been prescribed an antibiotic can they still attend school?

If a child has attended a doctor and is prescribed an antibiotic they cannot attend crèche for 48 hours. This is non- negotiable and is all laid out in our illness policy. After the 48 hours’ children can come back, any medication coming into crèche must be labelled clearly and medicine forms to be filled out too.

14My child’s will be attending ECCE, what should I put in my child’s packed lunch?

At Mother Hubbards we promote a healthy eating policy and in the pack we have provided a list of recommended foods that can be put into your child’s lunch box.

15Can my child stay inside today as they are unwell?

In Mother Hubbards we are great advocates of getting outside to play everyday. If your child is able to attend school they are expected to go outside. We cannot facilitate children to stay indoors when the class has gone outside.

16How do I help my child settle into the ECCE class?

We understand that it can be a nervous and upsetting time for both children and parents starting a new school. All our staff are very caring and approachable and will do their best to make your child feel welcome and safe. We would suggest that parents do not stay too long in the rooms, say your goodbyes and explain that you will be back later to collect them, this is to help staff settle the children quickly and with minimum disruption.

17What do I do if I’m running late to collect my child?

If you know you are going to be late collecting your child, please ring us to let us know. Frequent late collections will be noted and there will be a charge if it becomes an ongoing issue. Please note if your child attends ECCE, the session finishes at 12.00pm sharp.

18I’m running late can I drop my child in the classroom without a carer being present?

No, we kindly ask that you stay with your child until the teacher arrives into the classroom. We cannot ensure your child’s safety if they are left unaccompanied in the room.

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