Wobblers @ Mother Hubbards Childcare


Age: 12 to 18 months
Available in: Ongar Village

As your child moves into the wobbler room their routine will become more structured, your child will learn how to walk properly. They will learn more hand-eye co-ordination. They will start to explore more.
Parents will receive written feed back everyday as well as talking with our qualified and friendly staff.

The routine in the Wobbler Room is a little more structured than the Baby Room. Appropriate activities are introduced to your child aiding all areas of development and in particular his/her intrinsic sense for independence and exploration. These are provided through short structured play programmes. Arts, crafts, music, books, puzzles, tabletop toys, construction boxes, home play, water play and sand play are just some of the activities on offer!

                    Funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013  
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