Pre Montessori @ Mother Hubbards Childcare


Age: 2 to 3 years
Available in: Ongar, Slane Road & Nephin Rd

Children are introduced to the Montessori Method of education in its simplest form. Children at this stage are concentrating for longer periods of time working more on their colours, numbers and letters. Dressing up and play dough are very much enjoyed by children at this stage.

Pre Montessori gives the children the opportunity to have fun and develop new skills through informal play, also offering a wide range of fun activities which aids to develop the child’s creative and social development. Children are becoming more independent and toilet training usually starts in this room.

Parents are encouraged to work closely with staff at this stage, to ensure the child is ready for the toilet-training process.  Parents will receive written feed back everyday as well as talking with our qualified and friendly staff.


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