Babies @ Mother Hubbbards Childcare


Age: 18 weeks to 12 months
Available In: Ongar - Nephin Road, Dublin 7 - Slane Road, Navan

Parents are invited to Mother Hubbard’s Childcare to take time to settle in with their baby. During this time parents will inform staff of the child’s general routine, likes, dislikes etc. while also getting to know our committed and Friendly babyroom staff.

All feeding, sleeping, changing, medicine administration etc is recorded throughout the day in the child’s diary and discussed with parents when collecting their child that evening.
Reading, music, games and plenty of chat from carers is an important part of our baby’s day.
Our Menu is regularly discussed with parents so the children are getting a wide variety of food. All food is prepared for children on the premises, while parents supply the children’s bottles which are stored in the fridge in each room.

Parents will receive written feed back everyday as well as talking with our qualified and friendly staff.
Each child has their own cot and sheets, which are washed regularly. Children are checked every 10 minutes when asleep. Parents supply nappies, creams, wipes etc.

                    Funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013  
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