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Mother Hubbard’s Childcare provides a variety of options for parents childcare needs, from babies to afterschool age, 18 weeks to 12 years These options are Full Day Care, Part Time Care, Sessional Montessori, Afterschool Club. There are large outdoor play areas with safety surface and age appropriate equipment. Please choose what group your child fits into for more information


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Settling in Period: At Mother Hubbard’s we recommend that you settle your child in gradually over a week. Allow 3-5 days for the settling in period, parents come in with the child and stay for an hour or two, gradually the parents will stay for shorter periods each day, depending on the child. This gives the child the opportunity to become familiar with the staff and the surroundings and also to realise that their parents will be back for them. During this time we also recommend that the child is picked up early each day and not left for the full day.

Meals/Food: 4 nutritious meals daily are provided including hot breakfast, lunch and snack. We have a 4 week menu. Fresh fruit vegetables are served daily. We have a part time cook who prepares and cooks each meal daily on our premesis. All food is prepared from scratch and there is a four week menu, to ensure that the children get a wide variety of foods. There is a detailed HACCP plan followed.

Children are served milk and water throughout the day. Breakfast is served from 8-9.30 each day in Flowerhill and Nephin Road, from 7.30 to 9.30 in Slane Road and from 7.15 to 9.30 in Ongar.

You can view a sample menu here


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