Mother Hubbards @ Slane Road, Navan


Our Slane road centre has been open since September 2003. We open from 7.30am-6pm Monday to Friday.

We cater for children from 18weeks to 8years. There are 5 full time staff employed here and two part time staff.
We have a baby room (18wks-12mths), Toddler room (12-24mths), Pre-Montessori (24mths-3yrs), Montessori (3-5yrs), Aferschool (up to 9yrs).

We have a cook on premises and all foods are cooked fresh here everyday. All staff are qualified and hold a valid paediatric first aid certificate.

We operate a breakfast club, which the children attend before school, have their breakfast. We have a minibus, which is fitted with booster seats and seatbelts, which drops them off to school. School drop off and collection is done for the local schools.

Children then get picked up from school and go back to Mother Hubbard’s and have a hot dinner before doing homework and lots of other activities.

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56 Blackcastle Demesne

                                                                                                            Slane Road,

Navan, Co.Meath



Navan Crèche is Awarded Quality Award for Second Time

Mother Hubbard’s Childcare, Slane rd. have been awarded the All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award. This is the second time that Mother Hubbard’s have received this award. The first time was 2006 - 2008 and this time it is 2009 – 2012.

The All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award acknowledges the NCNA, National Children’s Nursery Association members who are providing excellent standards of care for children in Ireland.The NCNA/NIPPA All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award demonstrates to parents, visitors and members of the public that there is a commitment to quality and success in implementing and maintaining consistently high standards of excellence.NCNA members have always recognised and promoted the value of providing quality daycare for each individual child in their care. Quality childcare positively influences children’s earliest experiences in daycare and plays a vital role in their future development. It has long been accepted among childcare providers and parents that NCNA members deliver quality daycare. 

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