The History Of Mother Hubbards Childcare


Mother Hubbards Childcare was first established in 1996, we currently operate four centers in Dublin and Navan.

Our aim is to provide quality childcare and help each child to learn and develop as an individual, providing a stimulating, broad and happy environment to do so.

The owner, Karen Mc Govern, has been working in the childcare industry for 13 years after she opened her first childcare centre in Dublin 1. Since then the business has gone from strength to strength. This is the fourth branch of Mother Hubbard’s Childcare to open. Karen would pride her business on quality childcare and takes a very active role in each of her four centres, ensuring that all the staff know her personally, many of the children would also know her. Karen would also depend on her dedicated management team of seven. There is a manager in each branch and also an area manager that maintain the daily running of each centre. One of the centres in Navan has recently received the NCNA, National Children’s Nursery Association, All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award. It is the second time they have won this award.

Karen and her husband Peter, who works in the building trade, designed the Dublin 15, building and incorporated all the modern features such as underfloor heating, cctv in the classrooms, separate dining rooms, separate sleep rooms, age appropriate afterschool facilities, key code entry system, and many other high end finishes. It stands at 13,000 sq foot and at this size must be the largest childcare centre in the country.

                    Funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013  
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